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Women in the First World War

What DID they get up to?  You might be surprised to discover the wide range of roles that women undertook during WW1, from nursing to agriculture, weapon-making to song-writing and in one extraordinary case, serving as a soldier.  Illustrated with contemporary images and lots of stories about inspiring women, this talk fills in some of the details about how womens lives were changed for ever during the Great War.

Palace of Westminster

Having worked in Parliament for almost 30 years, Gold Star Guides founder Felicity can share her knowledge of this magnificent building, the story of its construction, its near destruction and what life is like inside.  Whilst not giving in to too much gossip or scandal there are still interesting tales to tell about how Parliament functions.

Votes for Women!

We've had a century of experience but how did it feel not to be able to vote? The campaign was probably longer than you imagine, more violent than you might think and you may be surprised to hear that it included some gorgeous colours and beautiful jewellery. Hear the stories of the courageous women who stove to win for us a right that we now take for granted (and some of us don't even use!).

St Paul's Cathedral

Sir Christopher Wren's masterpiece is a supreme example of one man's extraordinary vision.  As a standalone illustrated talk, or as a prelude to a visit, let us introduce you to this magnificent church.  It has survived wars and peace camps, showcases some wonderful modern art and still stands tall amongst the office blocks of the City of London.

Kensington Palace

Childhood home of Queen Victoria, and Princes William and Harry, with royal connections that include Diana, Margaret, Caroline and Anne, Kensington is a palace of rich variety.  As a standalone illustrated talk, or as a prelude to a visit, let us regale you with tales of royal intrigue, royal women and building works. 

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